Is Selling an Art or a Science? Only the Superiors Know for Sure

In today’s world of information overload, you will find many tools and techniques to help you accomplish a supposed perfect sales model. The perfect sales model rarely moves beyond the conception phase within most organizations with a sales team. As in all professions, there will always be the cream of the crop, those who under perform and turnover, the sales departments are no different.

Everybody cannot sell to anyone. Whether selling is an art or a science is subjective. Does it matter? Are we as sales people loaded with bias in regard to this question? Is there not a bigger issue at hand here?

What is critical is that your business sales and marketing leadership must generate excitement, spontaneous enthusiasm, buzz and traffic. Selling is a process. Sales people, in general and as a whole, are independent and do not respond well to tracking their funnel – unless the process or system helps them close more deals.

Absolutely people buy from people. Absolutely the value you add to the product or service you offer as a sales professional is critical – but your superior performance is often offset by your under-performing colleague.

Selling, as it impacts your business, is a science.

What is critical to your business and its sales force, as a whole, is it must know how to capture leads efficiently and effectively, how to consistently follow up with those leads with a process that eliminates a leaky funnel, how to convert those leads into customers, how to nurture those your business did not convert and how to turn them into advocates by creating an experience surrounding their purchase. Your business must have a sales team that knows this system will only enhance their performance through increased opportunities and conversion of leads to customers. Your sales team will create more sales when your process enables them to spend all their time in front of their prospect. Your sales team will only be as good as the sales leadership. Your companies gross margins will only improve as far as your sales leadership can excite, support and recruit/train top sales talent.

So at the individual level, selling is an art.

It is an art that not everyone can succeed at when compared to other more suitable occupations. At the business leadership level, selling is creating the maximum opportunities for your sales force and training them on how to properly represent your product or service – this aspect of selling is a science.

I am not that good of a sales person. But I have always been in the top 10% of whatever I chose to represent in a sales capacity. I’ve trained hundreds, one at a time, who are better sales people than I am. But 90% of those I ended up outperforming – because I out worked them, put myself in front of more qualified opportunities day in and day out, and matched my charisma with my scientific approach.

Not everyone can do that. Not everyone should do that. But the tens of thousands of small businesses who have done it have reduced their sales forces by 50% or more and increased ROI by an equal amount. To them selling is a science and they have top sales people who artfully close more deals and make more money.

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